A Short Woman’s Guide to Food

Lose fat, get stronger and gain confidence with the new 40-page guide and 3-day meal plan made for women 5’4 and shorter.

In this guide you’ll get:

A 3-day meal plan, including 12 dietitian-approved recipes

Inside, you’ll get a full three-day meal plan tailored to your body type as a petite, complete with recipes and images. And don’t worry-we didn’t forget dessert!

A sustainable approach to nutrition for the petite body

Say goodbye to fad diets and juice cleanses. Our “PFF” Method doesn’t restrict any foods and instead focuses on an optimum balance of protein, fat, and fibrous carbs to keep your metabolism revved and your body in fat burning mode.

The science-backed fat-loss plan for petites

Petite women often make the mistake of eating smaller portions to achieve their health goals. Find out how eating more will actually boost your metabolism and help you burn fat sustainably as a petite.

Join thousands of other petite women and kickstart your fat loss goals today!