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Powerful Results From Our Members

“I’ve never gotten so much out of a membership as I have Petite PWR. Petite PWR really provides a sustainable approach and lifestyle rather than just a program to follow. I loved it!”

Mclean, 5’2
Lost 14 lbs

Powerful Results

“Since starting Petite PWR in August 2019, I am happy to say I lost 12 lbs in the first 12 weeks and am 20 lbs down today.. If you want the real deal, the cost to hire a personal trainer/dietitian and personal life coach is 3x this cost of the program. I looked into that before I joined. If you really want to shred as a petite, the program works!”

Stephanie, 4’11
Lost 20lbs

Powerful Results

“Really Petite PWR is the only thing that has ever worked and been sustainable for me. I am in love!…Just want to thank you for helping me feel strong and beautiful. On month 6 of your program and still obsessed.”

Sydney, 5’3”
Lost 15 lbs

Powerful Results

“I never thought some workout app would EVER give me so much confidence. I am SO happy that I found Petite PWR. Oh, and I actually have abs now! I feel so empowered. I feel strong. I feel healthy and WHOLE!”

Victoria, 5’4”
Lost 20 lbs in 12 weeks

Powerful Results

“Not only was I able to see changes in a matter of weeks, but I was able to regain the confidence to love my body in every stage of the journey. Petite PWR introduced me to some of the most supportive, and inspiring group of women. This program is the real deal, and I’ve never been so motivated to continue this journey.”

Ogor, 5’2”
Lost 5lbs

Powerful Results

“Petite PWR taught me how to eat a well balanced diet, and once I learned that, my weight loss compounded. In total, I’ve lost almost 19 pounds in Petite PWR.”

Cam, 5’0
Lost 19 lbs in 12 weeks

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