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Get the complete, step-by-step plan
made for the petite body type to lose weight & burn fat.

Tone your petite body without calorie counting, hours of cardio, or restrictive, unhealthy diets.

Get what you need to start losing your first 5 pounds today.

What’s on the line if you don’t make a change? What would it mean to feel comfortable in your body? You deserve to feel confident and powerful in your shorter frame.

Finally understand why it feels so much harder to lose weight when you’re short.

“Short women have slower metabolisms.” Craig Primack, M.D., president-elect of the Obesity Medicine Association. Science shows the petite body type needs a different approach to burn fat and build muscle to create your leanest, most powerful body and mind.

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Petite women gain and lose weight differently

Why does it feel so much harder for you to lose weight than your taller friends? You’ve seen your taller friends cut calories and do cardio and get amazing results–seemingly overnight. You’ve tried the same, but it didn’t work. You should know that feeling is common for petite women, and you’re not alone.

Your short height is working against you in this process. Join me to get fully updated on what it takes to lose fat, build muscle, and feel strong, confident and powerful in your shorter frame based on the research as well as our experience transforming thousands of petite women’s lives.


Maggie, 5’3”

Lost 25lbs

“April’s approach is totally science-based, and she explains WHY we did every single move. I honestly cannot say enough good things about her—she was motivating, empowering, knowledgeable, and just fun! A few days after we finished my program, I was in my best friend’s wedding, and people couldn’t stop commenting on my “Petite PWR arms!”

Saryn , 5’3”

Lost 4 lbs & body recomposition

“I ate around 1850 calories a day, gained quite a bit of muscle, and I STILL went from 120 lbs to 116.8 lbs during the 12 weeks. Major success! Measurement-wise, I am smaller all over. I can tell a distinct difference in my stomach (which is an area I really wanted to work on)!”

Jennie , 5’1”

Lost 45 lbs

“For the first time in a long time, I felt like food didn’t control me. I also saw a big change physically. My main goal was to lose weight/fat— throughout the 12 weeks in Petite PWR I dropped 10 pounds! April’s approach to nutrition is very sustainable. It took me out of the crash-diet mentality and into a healthy relationship with food.”

Yana, 5’0”

Lost 8 lbs

“My first transformation was mental. I stopped berating myself over my eating habits, over doing or not doing exercise, and focused on what I WAS doing that day. With my physical transformation, I honestly didn’t realize how grand the difference was until I saw the photos side by side!”

Suzette 5’2”

lost 15 lbs in 12 weeks

“I’m so excited to see my transformation! It has been challenging with a busy work schedule and limited time, but I have more energy and confidence that I somehow lost over the past several years. I’ve lost 2 inches in my waist and have more defined arms and thighs.”

Catherine, 5’0”

Lost 13lbs in 12 weeks

“Working with April, I have seen so many positive changes in my outlook and mindset, being a petite person. My metabolism is up and my relationship with food has improved for the better – it is no longer an internal struggle when I’m enjoying a meal out with friends. I’ve lost weight, increased muscle definition, slimmed my waistline, and improved my strength.”

This masterclass is a must if
you’re 5’4″ or shorter and…

You’re just getting started exercising and looking to get your workout and nutrition routine right the first time around.

You’ve been struggling with your fat loss goals ever since you can remember. You feel defeated because everyone else seems to get results.

You want to optimize your existing lifestyle for fat loss and building muscle, taking into account your body type and metabolism as a petite woman.

A personal invitation
from April Whitney

As a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and petite women’s health specialist, I’ve coached thousands of petite women from around the world, helping them to create their leanest, happiest and most powerful bodies and minds.

Being a fellow petite, I understand the unique challenges that we face, both physically and mentally. I’ve discovered the exact ingredients that differentiate a wildly successful fat loss program for petites from one that is designed for taller women that won’t yield any results.

This signature masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned through my experience being a formerly internationally ranked athlete, my certifications, my background in the sciences, and my personal experience transforming my body as a petite.

If you’re committed to making 2022 the year that you finally unlock your most powerful self (there’s still time!), getting strong and lean, I can’t wait to help you cheat the learning curve and get there faster with better (and lasting) results.

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